Exporting the video

The last step of each recording is the export.

Once you finish editing your project, you can proceed to export your video. You can do this at any step by clicking on the Export button in the top-right corner of the editor.

Export settings

Whenever you click on the Export button in the editor, the editor settings window will pop up.

Now, you can decide if you want to export it as a GIF or MP4 and select specific export settings for your recording, such as frame rate, output size, and quality.

If you are not sure which settings you are supposed to use, you can find an explanation of each function on the next page.

Once everything is set up, choose Export to File to start exporting and save the file, or Copy to Clipboard to export and automatically copy the file to your clipboard.

After that, you will see the export progress window.


You have just exported your first Screen Studio project!