Look & Feel


In Screen Studio, you have a variety of options to customize how the cursor appears and behaves in your recording.

Cursor Settings

Hide cursor - Completely removes the cursor from your recording, ideal for presentations or tutorials where the cursor may be distracting.

Cursor size - Adjusts the size of the cursor to make it more visible or subtle depending on your needs.

Cursor type - Choose between macOS or Touch cursor styles to match your operating system or personal preference. The Touch cursor is mostly used for recordings on iPads and iPhones.

Always use default system cursor - Ensures consistency by always using your system’s default cursor, avoiding changes during different actions like text selection.

Hide cursor if it's not moving - Automatically hides the cursor when it's idle, keeping your viewers' focus on the main content.

Loop cursor position - Near the end of the video, cursor will move back to its initial position. You can use this option to create a perfect loop.

Advanced Cursor Settings

Screen Studio provides advanced settings to further refine cursor behavior. Click on Advanced in the same menu to toggle the list of additional options.

Rotate cursor while moving - Adds a dynamic effect by slightly rotating the cursor, mimicking the natural movement of chasing the mouse.

Stop cursor movement at the end of the video - Controls the cursor to stop moving before the video ends, avoiding unwanted captures like stopping the recording.

Remove cursor shakes - Useful for eliminating unintended cursor movements, often caused by accessibility tools.

Optimize original cursor types - Minimize rapid changes in cursor types during recording to ensure smoother transitions for a better viewer experience.