Look & Feel


You can enhance readability and aesthetics by displaying your screencast on the background of your choice.

To choose your desired background and manage its settings, open Background and Screenin the editor settings visible on the right side of your recorded video.

Choosing your background

There are four options to add a background to your recording:

Wallpaper - lets you choose from a selection of wallpapers, including macOS native options and a variety of beautiful wallpapers tailored for Screen Studio users.

Gradient - enables you to generate a wallpaper with a gradient based on your chosen color.

Color - allows you to create a plain single-color background. You can simply paste a hex color code or select it yourself using a color palette. Image - allows you to upload your own image to use it as a background.

If you prefer not to use any background in your recording, you can set the `Padding` option to the minimum value.

Background Settings

By scrolling down, you will notice other options to modify the background. These include:

Padding - allows you to choose the size of the extra space that is added around your recording. When it's set to 0, then no background is visible in your video.

Rounded corners - use this setting to choose the degree of rounding for the corners of your recorded video.

Inset - creates an additional space, or "frame", within your main video.

Shadow - enables a drop shadow effect around your video frame against the background.