Creating preset

In Screen Studio, you can save frequently used settings as presets to speed up your editing process.

What is a preset?

A preset is a pre-configured setting that you can apply to your recordings to match the saved settings in the preset.

Let's say that you are creating a series of recordings for a new guide on your website (wink-wink), and you want to always have the same background, aspect ratio, and camera position in your recordings.

Instead of adjusting these settings each time after a new recording is done, you can simply choose your saved preset, and it will apply all the changes to your new recording.

How to create a new preset

Open the Screen Studio project whose settings you would like to save for a preset or create new settings in a new recording. Once editing is complete, you can click on the **Presets**button, choose a name, and select Create new preset. Your preset will be saved, and you can apply it to a new recording.