Adding & Editing zooms

Zooms are the key feature of Screen Studio that allows you to highlight the displayed area of your screen recordings.

By default, all zooms are created automatically based on your clicks during the recording. However, you have the option to remove them or add your own zooms during the editing process.

Zoom timeline

Each zoom is reflected on your Zoom timeline in the editor and is presented as purple blocks.

Adding new zoom

To add a new zoom to your recording, simply click on the zoom timeline at the desired location.

Editing zooms

To manage the zoom duration, you can drag each zoom edge and adjust its length on the timeline.

After clicking on a specific zoom, the settings bar will open, allowing you to set the zoom level.

You can choose between auto zoom (zoom to your clicks) or manual zoom (you select the area to zoom). For more information on zoom types, please refer to the next page.

Removing zoom

To disable or remove a zoom, right-click on the zoom you want to remove and select either Disable or Remove.