Screen Studio Roadmap

Features we are working on and planning to work on in the future.

In progress now

We are working on these features right now.
In progress
Authentication-based licensing instead of license keys
Implementing authentication-based licensing to replace traditional license keys, improving the user experience and enhancing security.
In progress
Teams subscriptions architecture
In team, owner of the team is the one connecting credit card and starting subscription. Owner can invite team members who will need to sign in and will automatically be able to activate their Studio installs
In progress
Selfie camera layouts
Introduce various layout options for the selfie camera, giving users more flexibility in customizing the appearance and positioning of their camera window within their recordings.

Next planned

Those are the features that are planned for the next few months. They are ordered by priority.
Sharable Links
Develop a feature allowing users to easily share their recordings with others via a unique, shareable link for quick access and collaboration.
Multi-clip recordings
Ability to merge multiple recordings into one project.
Add click descriptions
Introduce a feature that enables users to incorporate visual or textual descriptions of clicks within their recordings.
Voice audio enchancement
Automatically enhance audio quality to resemble a more studio-like sound.
Full text slides
Develop a feature that enables users to add full-text slides to their recordings, offering a new way to share information and improve the overall clarity of their videos.
Enter / Exit animations
Add a feature that enables users to incorporate custom enter and exit animations within their recordings.
Masking sensitive data
Implement a feature that enables users to easily conceal sensitive information within their recordings, ensuring the privacy and security of any confidential data displayed during the video.
Speed up video when typing and skip typos
Develop a feature that automatically accelerates the video playback during typing sequences and skips over any typos made.
Background music & library of songs to use
Introduce a built-in library of songs for users to add background music to their recordings easily.
Create videos from screenshots
No description


Those features are already completed and available in Screen Studio
GIF export
Incorporate a feature that allows users to export their screen recordings as GIF files.
Implement a functionality that enables users to create, save, and load custom settings for their screen recordings.
Voice-over support
Integrate a feature that enables users to add voice-over narrations to their screen recordings.
Selfie camera support
Enable users to overlay their selfie camera video during screen recordings.
AI-Generated Captions
Integrate a feature that utilizes AI models to automatically generate multilingual captions for screen recordings.
Cutting & Basic video edit tools
MVP: being able to skip part of the video in the middle. On top of that (maybe) being able to speed up parts of the video (technically similar). It will unblock a lot of features such as Text slides in the middle, speeding up automatically while typing.
Editing captions
Introduce the ability for users to modify and customize the automatically generated captions easily.
Raycast Screen Studio extension
Incorporate Screen Studio integration with applications such as Raycast.
Shortcuts displaying
Introduce a feature enabling users to showcase their utilized shortcuts and have them appear on the recording.
System audio recording
Introduce a feature that allows users to capture system audio alongside their screen recordings.
Speaker notes
Option to create speaker notes that are not visible in the recording.