Screen Studio Affiliate Program

We believe Screen Studio delivers great value to users by cutting the time it takes to create beautiful videos from hours to minutes.

On average, we sell more than 1000 licenses monthly. More than 80% of the users who purchased it still use it one month after installation.

Currently, most of the Screen Studio website traffic comes from Twitter.

We believe many people unaware Screen Studio exists would love to use it.

Frequently asked questions

How much will I make off every sale?

You’ll get 15% off on every purchase made from your affiliate link.

No. Clicks are tracked on the user side for 7 days.

If someone clicks your link, leaves the website, and then makes the purchase later, even visiting our website directly (not using your link), it will still be counted as a referral and added to your account.

Is there a minimal payout balance?

The minimum balance you must reach before receiving an automated payout is 10$. This means that even if only one person purchases Screen Studio using your link, you’ll already be able to get the payout.

The last referral will be credited if someone clicks multiple referral links from different people.

Getting started

1. Sign up at Lemon Squeezy (our payments system handler)

First, sign up at -, and apply to become an affiliate.

Lemon Squeezy reviews and vets every new applicant to the affiliate's platform. Once applied, you will have to wait for acceptance from Lemon Squeezy.

2. Join the Screen Studio Affiliate Program

Find Screen Studio on the list of programs, or visit the direct link to our program - link.

After completing a very short form, you may use your referral link.

By default, you’ll be provided with a link that looks somewhat like this:

To make it more compact, copy YOUR_CODE part and use it like this instead:

This will look more compact and familiar. Both links will work the same way.

We’re sorry for the lengthy process. We’re talking with Lemon Squeezy to make it more streamlined.

4. Spread the word

When someone clicks on your referral link and purchases Screen Studio within seven days, you will receive a 15% commission on the sale.

More info

If you need more information regarding the Lemon Squeezy affiliate program, check out the guide here on the Lemon Squeezy website.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask us, get in touch.