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Screen Recorder producing high-impact videos automatically. Designed for macOS.

macOS Ventura 13.1+ is recommended
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Made with Screen Studio

Thousands of people use Screen Studio to record product demos, courses, tutorials and social media posts.

Engaging screen recordings.

Created in minutes.

Screen Studio is an opinionated screen recorder that makes your videos look beautiful.

It automatically zooms in on your cursor, increases cursor size and smooths its movements.

Automatic zoom for engaging screen recordings

Make your demos and tutorials easier to follow while grabbing more attention. Especially on smaller screens.

Automatic zoom

To focus on the main action, Screen Studio automatically zooms in on actions you perform on your screen.

Export in vertical mode

If you need to export your video for social media, Screen Studio will automatically adjust all the zooms for optimal viewing experience.

Manual zoom

You can also manually pick important parts of your recording. Screen Studio will automatically animate all the zooms.

Easy editing

Simply drag your zooms on the timeline. All the heavy lifting is done automatically. No manual work is required.

Professional animations by default

Screen Studio is a video editor that works automatically. Effects that would take hours of manual work are created instantly.

Smooth cursor movement

Shaky and rapid movement of your cursor is transformed into a smooth and beautiful glide.

Change cursor size after recording

Make your video easier to follow by changing the size of the cursor even after you have finished recording.

Automatically hide static cursor

If the cursor doesn't add value to your video - it can be automatically hidden in the final video with beautiful animation.

Loop cursor position

To make social media or demo videos loopable, the cursor can return to its initial position near the end of the final video.

High-quality system cursors

Screen Studio replaces known system cursors with their high-resolution versions if you increase cursor size.

Add your style and branding

Whatever you record, it will match your brand. Change background, outer spacing, shadow, inset, and more.

Background and spacing

Easily change the background or spacing around your video.

Horizontal and vertical output

With one click, change the desired output of your video. All animations will be automatically adjusted.

Shadow and inset

To adjust subtle details, change the shadow or inset of your video.

Cut & Speed up

Easily trim, cut or speed up parts of your recording.

Easy screen recording

Simple, but powerful. Screen Studio can record webcam, microphone, system audio or any iOS device.

Record webcam, microphone and system audio

Screen Studio makes it easy to create full-featured courses, tutorials, team updates and demos.

Record and adjust your webcam

Your selfie overlays the video and slightly zooms out to avoid covering your mouse cursor.

Enchance audio quality

Voice volume is normalized, and background noise is removed automatically.

Generate transcript

Generate a transcript of your video and add it as subtitles. All of it happens on your machine, and no data is sent to our servers.

Record system audio

Record system audio from all your apps or just selected ones. Audio tutorials creation just got a lot easier.

Record iPhone or iPad on your Mac

Connect your device with a USB cable and start recording. Add zooms and create mobile app demos with no effort.

iPhone and iPad model detection

Screen Studio automatically detects the model and color of your device.

Customize device frame and color

Screen Studio has a wide range of device frames and colors to choose from.

Easy iOS device recording

Connect your iPhone or iPad with a USB cable and start recording.

Export & Share. Smooth and easy.

Optimal exports settings baked in. Decide where to publish your video, and Screen Studio will adjust all technical settings for you.

Export presets

Export for the web, social media, or further editing in another video editor. Optimal settings are automatically selected.

Video and GIF exports

Export your videos in up to 4k 60fps or highly optimized GIFs.

Copy to clipboard

Copy your video to a clipboard and paste it into any other app for quick sharing. You can paste it on social media or in a chat.

Sharable links Coming Soon

Share your video with anyone by generating a link.

There is more

Screen Studio is packed with useful features while we try to make it easy to use and beautiful.

Motion blur

Movement in your videos will look more natural. The result videos look like a professional video editor's output.

Sharable presets

Save your video settings as a preset and share it with your friends or colleagues to make all your videos look consistent.

Record and show keyboard shortcuts

If you're recording a tutorial, Screen Studio can record your keyboard shortcuts and display them in your video.

Crop your recording

Focus on a specific part of your screen or hide parts of the UI.

Hide desktop icons

Avoid distractions or hide your files from your viewers.

Designed for macOS

Built and designed to be fast, reliable and easy to use.

Meet Screen Studio users

Screen Studio empowers thousands of people to record beautiful videos and demos of their products and services.

Brendan O’Leary
Screen studio from @pie6k I think is the best tool I've picked up for my Mac in YEARS
Abhishek Vijayvergiya
I'm seeing more and more product videos (even by Fortune 500) now being created in @screenstudio. Being a user myself, and with 5+ years of content marketing background, this is definitely one of the best screen-recording apps that I have used. Great work @pie6k
Never bought something so fast - screen recordings look amaazing! 🌟✨
Stephan Meijer
OMG. @screenstudio is 🤯. Took me ~ 5 minutes to create a nice looking video that I could share with my coworkers, to demo our new theme editor for the @magicbell_io push-subscription dialog.
Trevor Thrall
Big shout out to @pie6k and the team at Great customer service and a fantastic product. If you're looking for an elegant, friction-free way to create professional videos, is. the answer!
Vahe Hovhannisyan
I can't put into words how much I adore @screenstudio! Using it for the first time today, and it's unbelievably amazing. Thank you @pie6k!
Daniel Afolabi
Elevating my screen recording game with! I have been using it to capture laptop views and decided to try out the mobile feature, and I'm blown away! The perfect way to share my screen magic with clients!🚀 Thanks @pie6k for this fantastic tool! Should…
Abinash Mohanty
@pie6k I've been using Screen Studio for almost everything. This is one of the videos I shared recently and based on "product design work in progress" ▅ ▇ ▂ ▃ ▁
Sveta Bay
The only working method to boost your launch on socials is to use I've never got so many link clicks before. @pie6k you're making magic.
🔍 Every now and then, you stumble upon true gems, and @screenstudio for macOS is undoubtedly one of them! 🌟 This screen recorder is a total game-changer, making high-quality video creation a breeze. Special thanks to @pie6k for this fantastic tool!
Zulal • Designer
Lots of folks are asking about the recording tool that I use. It's the @screenstudio app by @pie6k, and it has easily become an essential part of my routine work. It wouldn't be possible for me to share my @framer work without the help of this app. I highly recommend it.
Ammaar Reshi
@databas3_io from @pie6k—easily one of my favorite mac apps!
Eckardt Kasselman
@Eckardt_ by @pie6k is such a phenomenal tool! Wow, just wow!
Mike Lee
I'm currently putting together product demos and I needed a simple app where I can zoom in on specific parts and be able to export as a GIF, after reviewing several apps, by @pie6k is exactly what I was looking for, instant purchase!
Evan Stewart
Tried out @screenstudio for our new feature video, and it was an *instant* purchase. Fantastic work, @pie6k!
@atunasashimi If you have a mac Screen Studio by @pie6k is a focused and very well designed tool. Installed it last week and it has already saved so much time!
Jacky W
One software I f#cking love is @screenstudio by @pie6k Legitimately can't live without it. If you're building something and want to film amazing video demos in minutes, you need to check it out. Link:… @_buildspace @_nightsweekends #buildinpublic
Wow! just wow! @pie6k how did you made it possible, to record videos from screen, with this quality?! screen records looks so professional with! only for 89$! totally worth it!
Adarsh Sharma
@pie6k One of the best products I have ever used.
Miguel Rengifo
I just purchased Screen Studio by @pie6k and hands down one of the best screen recorders, I love the real indie hackers building products with so much value and love for design.
René Brandel
The best $89 I spent in the last week is buying a license for It makes you an instant DIY promo video production company! Thanks @pie6k
No I Diaz 🤷🏻
Just got my license key for from @pie6k! This screen recorder is truly a game changer for creating delightful demos!
@pie6k This is awesome, charge double plz! This is far more useful than Camtasia & other screen recorders.
@pie6k Best thing ever, saved me half a day!
Andrew Daniels 💜
@pie6k just downloaded #screenstudio and already sort of love it! Def. using it for screen recordings of @flutterflow so awesome!
Ryan Goins
Was able to create this video in a half day with Typeframes from @_justlilian and Screen Studio from @pie6k. Absolutely killer combo 🔥
Nilan Saha
@GinoGit @screenstudio @pie6k One of the most popular tool out there and for a very good reason
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