Shake mouse pointer

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Occasionally, when you shake your mouse pointer/cursor quickly, it might trigger small visual glitches that are visible on recordings, such as two pointers being visible for a second.

This is caused by the system feature Shake mouse pointer to locate, which makes the cursor bigger for a brief moment. You can avoid it by turning it off.

How to turn it off?

To change it - choose  Apple menu  > System Settings, click Accessibility  in the sidebar, then click Display on the right. (You may need to scroll down.)

Then click the switch next to Shake mouse pointer to locate to turn it off.

Why is this needed?

Screen Studio highly modifies the appearance and movement of your cursor on the recording.

  • It can change its size after the recording is finished
  • It makes the movement of the cursor smooth
  • It can replace your cursor with high quality, vector version of it so it looks good if you export in large resolution such as 4k

In order to do that, Screen Studio records your screen with cursor hidden and then re-adds it in post production automatically.

If you have the option to "Shake Mouse Pointer to Locate" turned on in your system settings, our recorder may struggle to hide the original cursor. As a result, your cursor may be visible twice in the final video.