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Beautiful screen recordings in minutes

High quality videos as easy as taking a screenshot. Designed for macOS.

Helping people create beautiful videos at

High-quality videos - no edit skills needed

Things you had to do in video software are done automatically by Screen Studio.

Smooth cursor movement

All shakiness of the mouse cursor is removed, giving an instant studio-quality feel.

Zoom & follow mouse clicks

Pick parts of the video you want to focus on the mouse actions, and Screen Studio will create all the animations.

Cinematic motion blur

Every moving piece of the animation will have motion blur applied, making the video feel more smooth and perceived FPS higher.

Wallpaper & window frame

Background padding adds breadth to your video. When publishing to social media - videos will feel less busy and noisy.

Change layout and cursor

Record the iPhone simulator on your Mac and crop it - all animations will be adjusted automatically. Change your cursor, and your mobile app demo are ready.

Selfie Camera support

Screen Studio will automatically animate the position and size of your camera video. For example - it will slightly move away when zooming in to avoid covering the mouse cursor

Automatic size balancing

With one click, you can switch horizontal/vertical/square output size, and all animations will be re-calculated. It is excellent for publishing on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Designed for macOS

Built and designed to be fast, reliable and easy to use.

Meet Screen Studio users

Screen Studio empowers people to quickly create beautiful videos of their products and services.

René Brandel
The best $89 I spent in the last week is buying a license for It makes you an instant DIY promo video production company! Thanks @pie6k
Martin Harrisson
@pie6k Just downloaded it. That's f*cking insane. Congrats. Super easy to use and amazing results!
No I Diaz 🤷🏻
Just got my license key for from @pie6k! This screen recorder is truly a game changer for creating delightful demos!
Yassine Zeriouh
Get ready for me absolutely overusing Screen Studio by @pie6k 👀
Sukh - Programmatic SEO guy⚡️
Never bought something so fast - screen recordings look amaazing! 🌟✨
Ismail Pelaseyed
@pie6k Best thing ever, saved me half a day!
@pie6k This is awesome, charge double plz! This is far more useful than Camtasia & other screen recorders.
Andrew Daniels 💜
@pie6k Wow I also love this! Buying the pro version today!
Alfred Lua
@pie6k Congrats! Screen Studio looks cool! I have been doing a lot of screen recording and video making (with ScreenFlow mostly because I am familiar with it and paid for an upgraded license recently).
Gil Greenberg 🛒
@pie6k Love it! Just bought a license. Ps: would love a way to crop out the browser header somehow.
👀 allworknosleep
I have been looking for a screen recording app like for a while now. Came across @pie6k and his work the other day, which is top-notch. Love the transparency and know it's only gonna get better from here!
Andrew Daniels 💜
@pie6k just downloaded #screenstudio and already sort of love it! Def. using it for screen recordings of @flutterflow so awesome!
Brendin Venter
@pie6k Hey Adam just want to say it looks incredible thank you been looking for a tool like yours for years! My desktop and main driver is windows. That’s quite a way out isn’t it? Otherwise all good will use on my Mac. 👏👌
René Brandel
@pie6k The rate of updates to is pretty amazing!
Tried out by @pie6k. It is a rewarding experience 😍 Screen recording for guides and simple bug reports is going to be a cake walk here onwards. Truly a service to mankind. Really looking forward to all the new updates and changes.
Gil Greenberg 🛒
@pie6k Amazing! Going to start using Screen studio for all my Twitter demos. Excited :)
Kenneth Frimpong {Kwasi XR} 👓
@pie6k This is an amazing software 👏🏾 good job!
Rafal Wilinski
@pie6k This is *exactly* what I was looking for, thanks.
Ibrahim 🚀
@pie6k I Just tried it and the experience was amazing and smooth 🚀
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Pay once, use forever
All Screen Studio features
1 year of updates
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Questions & Answers

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Is Screen Studio privacy focused?
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